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A condo conversion is a form of real estate development, and like other real estate investments, it offers the opportunity to increase your wealth and financial independence. Few other investments have the potential to both secure your own home or property and significantly increase your wealth in a relatively short period of time. A condo conversion essentially offers built-in equity, with the potential for increased value in the future.

San Francisco and Bay Area residents enter the housing market through rentals but this applies to cities around the globe.  TICs, or Tenants-in-Common, are an important first step toward the dream of owning your own home. The next step, converting to an individual condo home, can build equity and secure your financial future.

The traditional business model for multi-unit residential properties is to buy and hold, rent, or sell. Condo conversion offers these combinations in new, more market-affordable options and provides more flexibility to position your property for optimal performance and leverage. 

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A condominium conversion may be large or may be as small as two units; by positioning it for the highest and best use and low investment with high leverage performance. Some of the advantages and benefits of condo conversion include:

  • Multiply your property value and accelerate equity
  • Leverage your financial resources and wealth preservation
  • Increase your income and purchasing power
  • Create more flexibility, tax options, and liquidity
  • Mitigate risk and protect your asset 
  • Own an autonomous property, unencumbered by other owners
  • Create a nest egg for retirement and secure your financial future
  • Create a valuable asset you can pass down to your heirs

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Like other forms of real estate investment, a condo conversion is not without some calculated risk. But by diversifying a property you already own into individually-owned units, you are lowering your risk and raising your comfort level.

A conversion is also an attractive option for investors purchasing a new property because diversifying the property into individually-owned units reduces risk and leverages your asset.

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Many owners have lost potential benefits and lucrative opportunities because they delayed converting their property out of concern they didn't have sufficient time, money, or know-how to complete the process — or they didn’t how to start. WHITE TIGER will carefully evaluate your property and financial circumstances and determine the best strategy to achieve your goals.

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