”Transforming Properties, Tranforming Lives"

— J.S. CHAN, Visionary Creator and Founder



In a new era of rapidly-rising housing prices and economic uncertainty created by the Covid-19 pandemic, the American Dream of home or business ownership is in danger of dying for all but a wealthy elite.  By 2030, 60% of the world’s population will live in cities, and significant challenges in social, environmental and economic parameters require rapid adaptation and heightened resilience.

Condo conversion — the process of transforming residential properties into individually-owned condominiums — is an effective vehicle for making home ownership more accessible to individuals who otherwise could not afford to buy their own property. A similar process can also be used to transform commercial properties into individually-owned business units.

“Co-ownership” enables individuals to significantly increase the value of their property and secure their financial future. It can foster a sense of pride in your home, build more diverse and vibrant neighborhoods, and create jobs and economic opportunity for the entire community.

Condo conversion  offers exceptional benefits to renters, owners, and investors alike.

But condo conversion is a complex, often protracted process with numerous legal and regulatory hurdles. Adding to the complexity, conversions are subject to local, county and state regulations that can vary widely depending on the location of the property.



WHITE TIGER was created for the express purpose of making condo conversion easier and more accessible. Founder and CEO, J.S. Chan has spent years developing a proprietary program, called Fast Track Condo Conversion™ (FTCC), designed to simplify, streamline and accelerate the process. And she has curated a network of talented professionals with experience in every facet of real estate development — from legal experts, urban planners, and mapping specialist to project managers, realtors, contractors and tradesmen — to execute this exclusive service.

WHITE TIGER is reinventing the American Dream through property co-ownership. Our proprietary program system ties the multifaceted condo conversion process together into one comprehensive and efficient service. Our mission is clear: to make home and business ownership more accessible in California and beyond through the process of condo conversion.

“Home ownership creates stability of tenure and is one of the major ways that Americans build wealth and financial security. Given the limited land supply in San Francisco, condominium conversion is viewed as an easier way to expand home ownership opportunities than through new construction.” 

— San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR)


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