Talent wins games, but intelligence and teamwork win championships.  


WHITE TIGER and our team of real estate professionals produces bottom line results with a positive and winning attitude respecting every individual. Together we foster a conscious and open, forward thinking, and collaborative team spirit across multiple disciplines towards achieving our vision. We embrace innovation, diversity in experience, perspective, and inclusive as individuals towards the same mission.

We conduct ourselves with professionalism, integrity and solutions.  We are dedicated towards our vision, and commitments to reach the final goals, both to our clients and to our team members.  We believe this results in a successful, efficient collaboration and project.


WHITE TIGER has been through the jungle of condo conversion and experienced with every step of the adventure. Our collective team of experience and expertise aims for value creation and protect our clients against any potential negative impacts by anticipating short to long term situations. You do not need any surprises.

WHITE TIGER will guide, facilitate, track the entire condo conversion process from beginning to completion. We avoid unnecessary twists and turns, mitigate risks and anticipate critical delays. We solve problems, we find answers, we keep the project on track for bottom-line results.  Count on us.


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