It’s not just what we do, but how we do it.


WHITE TIGER understands that follow through is not only about taking action, it is about intelligent actions, mutual execution and followthrough to final completion. We plan and are proactive during the entire scope of a project, from initial assessment to final completion. We anticipate potential challenges and problems before they arise to save our clients time and money.

The success of a condo conversion project depends on developing a detailed development and business plan and collaborating with over dozens of industry professionals to execute that plan effectively and efficiently. It requires a multitude of steps – many of them occurring at the same time – to address the physical, economic, and political requirements inherent in an intricate conversion project. 

WHITE TIGER develops a customized strategy and plan for each client. We establish milestones and continually monitor the project using an integrative project management system to ensure those milestones are reached. We set realistic expectations, project manage responsibilities, pay attention to details and anticipate the potential impact of problems within timeline and budget.

With our proactive, agile approach and in-depth knowledge of the process and the role each professional must play in it, WHITE TIGER is ideally suited to orchestrate the complicated dance of a condo conversion.


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