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Condo conversions are an active form of investing and a profitable business strategy that have the additional benefit of opening up more primary residence housing in a community. It is a business model that simultaneously provides higher market-rate returns with social impact.  Condo conversions essentially provide investors with immediate built-in equity for future value increase through market equity and liquidity. Few other investments have the ability to create individual home ownership and can significantly increase your wealth.  

WHITE TIGER offers joint venture opportunities for real estate investors and those with capital interested in investing directly in condo conversion projects with our proprietary program and experienced team to execute the project. We help capital partners be deal-ready, by leveraging our combined strengths and resources we can minimize risk, increase our competitive advantage, and maximize returns.

WHITE TIGER will conduct a thorough due diligence process to ensure that our partners are qualified and share our values and integrity. We will then create a simple structure and legal agreement setting out clear expectations, obligations, and goals. Only serious investors with solid financing will be considered.


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