Transform you property, transform you life.


YES. Believe it's possible to realize your condo conversion with our expertise.  Strategic planning and extensive due diligence with a duty of care are part of our core key competencies for quality control and anticipate what is needed now and future.

We tailor your project and will guide you step by step through the process, from initial assessment, agency review, development and project management to completion. Our program is designed to reduce the likelihood of potential pitfalls, costly mistakes, anticipate delays and obstacles that affect the bottom line, minimize unforeseen risk, eliminate unnecessary twists and turns, and protect your asset.

We work together with our clients as a team to understand their individual needs, challenges, and goals. We identify the challenges they are trying to solve, suggest options and solutions, and provide a realistic estimate of costs. We work with our clients in a efficient, supportive, professional manner and set mutual expectations to make the process as enjoyable, seamless and smooth as possible.

At WHITE TIGER, we specialize in small scale multi-unit property conversion aimed to create independent ownership and multiply equity and profit.   WHITE TIGER aims to help you:

With WHITE TIGER by your side and leading the way, property owners who meet the city’s requirements (and a large percentage do) can complete their condo conversion efficiently and with a minimal amount of uncertainty and risk.  WHITE TIGER will assemble the right pieces, in the right timing, and in the right way with peace of mind.

We keep our eye on the big picture and approach the process holistically — step by step.


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