Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity


Real estate offers incredible opportunities to increase wealth and own your asset.  It's not enough to just read information and what to invest in, but it's also crucial to effectively execute on this knowledge with the right timing and approach.  Along with the importance and understanding of how the role of emotions and how it fluctuates can play a part in decision making. Emotional comfort is important — but it's expensive with an enormous cost.  How much are you willing to pay for missed opportunities for emotional comfort?  What's holding you back?

At WHITE TIGER, we specialize in small scale multi-unit property conversion aimed to multiply profit and create independent autonomous ownership.  We give you the power of an enterprise company but with the personalize experience of a boutique company.  We will fill that gap — give you assurance, peace of mind and substantially lower risks to help you make wise, objective, rational and fruitful choices.  We will show you how to maximize your asset, fund the conversion, and how it will work for you to take the next step.  

What are the Opportunities?

More millionaires make their wealth in real estate than any other business. Condo conversions done right is a BRIDGE TO YOUR GOALS to achieve separate home and property ownership, open up new financial opportunities and dramatically improve your quality of living.  Converting from use to another, it can often exponentially increase its value. Conversions provide property owners with more control over their property through individual ownership, increase equity, lower mortgage costs, and greater financial security. They also allow and provide additional intrinsic values such as more time to pursue other interests, goals and take care of those important to you.  Plan now to secure, solidify and preserve your asset, build your nest egg and retirement.

We aim to understand your goals — what’s important to you — and work to meet them together. We are dedicated to making condo conversions as simple, smooth and rewarding for you.  

What are the Benefits?

Take charge of your asset now to produce results sooner vs. waiting passively for appreciation. Condo conversion owners have a unique opportunity to produce economic transformation and profit and elevate lifestyle — Including immediate access to a variety of mortgage loan options and lower interest rates. The interest rate on a condominium mortgage can be as much as two points lower than the rate on a TIC loan. In addition, condo owners are eligible for conventional 30-year fixed rate loans, whereas TIC loans are generally fixed for no more than seven years.

Condos also offer different financial security and flexibility than TICs. Unlike many TIC owners, condo owners are not jointly sharing a mortgage, property tax bill or grant deed.  Separate ownership gives them greater control over their homes and sharing a mortgage with other homeowners. Condo owners also have more flexibility to sell or refinance their property at the most opportune time — when property values are on the rise.

Condo conversions can also benefit the community. They create many new jobs for local business and real estate professionals, attorneys, architects and planners, tradesmen to name a few. And they foster a greater sense of pride in your home and in your neighborhood and community.

When is a good time to convert?

Seize the moment today to create financial wealth and own your asset, there is never a perfect time — don't delay. One of the unique features of a condo conversion is that it can add substantial value to your home both in a sellers’ market and a buyers’ market. If you convert in a “down” market, you have the option to sell or refinance when the market is on the rise. If you convert in an “up” market — like today’s — you are making a wise investment that is likely to quickly increase value and continue to grow in the years ahead. You're not relying solely on market appreciation to derive value; your property is poised to optimize its value.

Condo conversion is a wise and sound investment strategy for both short and long term goals.   We lshow you how we work to complete your conversion. Thousands of property owners have taken advantage of this opportunity to achieve greater autonomy of their home, build their fortune and future.

How do you begin?

Begin with trust.  Explore your options today and discuss your goals with WHITE TIGER.  We have the experience and roadmap to guide you through the condo conversion jungle — safely and successfully with bottom line results. 

Seize the opportunity and realize your condo conversion with our help.


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