Take the step to invent tomorrow, today.



WHITE TIGER will help you explore, recommend options and solve problems you may not have considered.  We understand this is may be new for you, we will lead and guide the way towards a successful condo conversion to the finish line.

What's holding you back?  Take charge of your own asset and destiny today.  You don't reach your financial goals just by thinking about it, it takes conscious forward action.  Like other types of investment, it should not be taken lightly. But when properly executed, it can be an emotionally satisfying and financially rewarding experience.  At the finish line, you will own an autonomous home that has increased in value and the potential to generate even more profit in the future.   


First, know thyself.  Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you believe your condo conversion can increase equity and achieve independent ownership?
  • Do you have the expertise and experience to complete your condo conversion on your own? 
  • Are you willing to discuss the financial steps and goals to realize your condo conversion?

WHITE TIGER and our team will help you achieve your goal with hands on support and execution.  Let us help you set the right expectation to meet your goals.

Next, what’s important to you?   Do you want to increase equity in your asset or build wealth?  Do you want to share ownership with other property owners?  Or do you want to have the security of owning an autonomous property, unencumbered by other owners?  Do you want to have more time and expand your lifestyle for other interests?  Do you want to plan now to secure your asset, build your future and have a nest egg for retirement?   Do you have people you care about that you like to share this with?

If you answered yes to any of these — take the next step — don't delay, let your money work for you and leverage it to multiply the value of your asset - we will show you how it works.   Is choosing WHITE TIGER for your condo conversion a wise investmentWe believe the answer is absolutely YES and will leave much more in your pocket and secure your asset.  

WHITE TIGER has the roadmap to guide you through the condo conversion jungle.   


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