Condo conversion, done well, is an art and a science.



Begin with trust.  WHITE TIGER’s dedication to integrity and transparent business practices is based on our core belief that ethical business is good business. We are a heart-centered, full service and results company. We believe a successful company serves the needs of the public, and we know accountable, socially conscious business is an integral part of healthy, abundant, and vibrant communities.  

Condo conversion is a form of real estate development of your property and is a complex process with many legal requirements, procedures and intricate details.  WHITE TIGER’s proprietary Fast Track Condo Conversion Program (FTCC) is uniquely designed to simplify, streamline, and accelerate the condo conversion process for you.   Our goal for you is straightforward:  We remove the complexities out of the entire process for you and take care of it all to help maximize, safeguard and protect your asset.  We tailor your project and prepare a sound strategy for achieving separate property ownership and multiply equity with minimal effort from you.

Most real estate development companies focus either on new construction or converting large buildings into condominiums. At WHITE TIGER, we specialize in small scale multi-unit residential condo conversion designed to multiply equity and create independent ownership.  We give you the power of an enterprise company but with the personalized experience of a boutique company.   Our value added service program is tailored to help you complete your condo conversion easily — by taking a complex process and simplifying it in an approachable manner — overseeing your entire project from start to finish


WHITE TIGER is uniquely engineered and designed for THE PEOPLE to help open up a path of wealth and ownership opportunities for property owners and investors, and show you how we minimize risk and maximize your property’s investment potential. Our knowledge and experience in TIC and condo conversion is unsurpassed, and we deliver consistent results on the bottom line.  With a large elite network and collective team of 81 years of experience, having completed thousands of condo conversions in San Francisco, Oakland and Bay area — includes one of the nation’s foremost legal experts on TICs.  

We deliver the team and expertise to you.  Our team of industry professionals includes experts from every corner of the real estate industry: financiers, attorneys, development managers, surveyors, project managers, tradesmen, mapping specialists, brokers, realtors, title companies, investment managers, insurance specialists — and many more. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we are ready to oversee every facet of your condo conversion, down to the smallest detail.  We guarantee to be by your side every step of the way!


We give you peace of mind. We understand a condo conversion can be a daunting process, and we know the most common pitfalls, obstacles to avoid, costly mistakes and minimize risks. We’ll guide you through the entire process, from initial assessment, execution to project closure. With our in-depth understanding of the conversion process — we set the stage for your success.

WHITE TIGER, we take care of all the details by bringing you our vetted development team to convert your building.  We guide the way, from the initial property evaluation, through a customized business and financial plan, vetting reputable, proven professionals to execute it, we sweat the details for you.

A successful condo conversion requires due diligence, careful planning, and rigorous follow-through and execution for bottom line results. Our collective team of seasoned experts and elite network is your net worth — saving you time, money, and mistakes while adding more in your pocket — don't delay.

WHITE TIGER does one thing and one thing only. We do condo conversions.


*** A great deal of information about condo conversions can be found online and other sources. Unfortunately, much of this information is inaccurate or outdated. As the preeminent specialist in TIC and condo conversion in San Francisco, Oakland, and Bay Area. WHITE TIGER and its team will give you access to the most accurate and up-to-date information in the industry.


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