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We understand this is about your life, goals and dreams.  Many San Francisco, Oakland, Bay area and California area residents yearn to achieve the American Dream of owning their own home or property and build wealth.  Property ownership can be financially rewarding because it can generate substantial returns on your investment. It can also foster a sense of pride in your home and in your neighborhood, and it can create jobs and opportunities for the entire community.

In an expensive, and thriving city like San Francisco, Bay Area and California, where the cost of housing is among the highest in the country and rents also rising sharply, many residents are struggling with limited options and believe that home ownership is beyond their reach. Condo conversion offers people who otherwise might be unable to afford to buy their own home a vehicle for home ownership and increase property equity at the same time.

WHITE TIGER is created for THE PEOPLE with the express purpose of making condo conversions more accessible and approachable to help property owners reach their goals by removing the complexities.  We are dedicated to helping more people achieve their condo conversion and the New American Dream.



Condo ownership in San Francisco began in the 1960s. Before that, San Francisco had only two viable housing options: owning a house or renting an apartment. Those limitations created the demand for a third option. Condominiums gave people the opportunity to own their "own apartment", in addition to shared ownership of the common areas, in a multi-unit building.  However, keep in mind, condominium is a legal term describing the form of ownership and much more (not to be mistaken for only "owning an apartment").

Condominium conversion “took off” in the 1960s with the amendment of federal laws to facilitate financing and the enactment of state “horizontal property” acts. Condominium developments can qualify under the National Housing Act for FHA insurance for mortgages to finance the sales of units.

In the 1980's, the City of San Francisco condo conversion lottery system was created. This system is the process of legally subdividing a shared multi-unit residential building into individual unit ownership.  

In 1985, San Francisco further expanded its housing options from the creation of Tenants in Common (TIC) legal agreements. TICs gave San Franciscans who could not afford to buy a single-family home or condominium the opportunity to share ownership in a multi-unit building — an alternative to condo homes.

On July 29, 2013 San Francisco condo conversion lottery reform and bypass legislation became law.  Applications under the "Expedited Conversion Program" (ECP) were being accepted and suspends the city annual conversion lottery, but is expected to return beginning of 2024. NOTE: **As of July 15, 2017 the City and County has partial suspension of ECP Program in regards to certain ECP applications for buildings with NON-OWNING tenants (renters). **

In 2013, WHITE TIGER expanded to the next level of condo conversion services by creating a legal agreement under its Fast Track Condo Conversion Program. This agreement — which ties the entire condo conversion process together as one comprehensive service — is designed to help more people achieve home ownership, open up more housing options, and foster financial security and wealth.

By 2050, approximately two-thirds of the world's population will live in cities.  San Francisco ranks the #1 "City of the Future" and the tech capital of the world, consistently tops the list because of its strength in innovation. (Business Insider, June 2017)


Housing affordability is the #1 problem in San Francisco, Bay area and much of California, increasingly, in the other cities of the region. It threatens everything that makes the Bay Area a great place to live — our diversity, our openness, our culture, our environment and our economic competitiveness. Exorbitantly expensive housing make it impossible for more than a narrow elite to live and participate in our cities. Even as two million more people will move to our region in the next 25 years. (SPUR, San Francisco Planning and Urban Renewal Association, January 2015)

In 2016, according to Zillow, the median sales price of a home in the city is now over $1.3 million, and San Francisco rents have gone up 62 percent between 2011 and 2016. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco in 2016 is about $3,600 and two-bedroom is $4,700, making it the most expensive rental market in the United States, ahead of both New York and Boston. San Francisco is also the most expensive city in the nation to purchase a home or rent office space. The cost of office space recently eclipsed that of Manhattan.

This growth has created an unprecedented demand for housing and has made the need for new housing solutions greater than ever. The housing supply for first-time homeowners typically comes from new construction.  A thriving city depends on the availability of market affordable entry-level homes that can also attract upwardly mobile residents. A city that lacks such housing will eventually lose its economic vitality. To put it another way, housing is like money: it must circulate and continually change hands in order to be effective.

Condo conversion is a creative solution to San Francisco and Bay Area housing crisis because it increases the rate of home ownership and property value. Condo conversion is an essential strategy for creating more home ownership.

For many San Franciscans, they begin by renting housing, then sharing home ownership is an important first step toward the dream of owning your own, separate home. The next step, converting to individual condo home, can make that dream a reality and build your future.  

WHITE TIGER will guide you through the condo conversion jungle  safely and successfully.


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